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Macro insight

November 2014

Asset Allocation: November 2014

October has traditionally been a more volatile month and this one was no exception.

October 2014

Macro Matters: Keep Calm and Carry On

The rainy weather in London in the last few weeks has matched the mood of investors; sentiment about the global economy has progressively deteriorated.

Asset Allocation: October 2014

September was a weak month for risk assets, with the downturn generally concentrated in the final days of the month.

September 2014

Macro Snapshot - Divergence

With market participants back from their summer breaks, attention is increasingly turning to central bank policy. 

Asset Allocation: September 2014

August is often a relatively quiet month for investment markets, but many markets produced strong returns last month.

Views and insights

November 2014

Fixed Income Focus: An oily mess

The price of oil has collapsed, creating a number of winners and losers across fixed income markets.

Equity Insight: Margins - compression or expansion?

One of the equity-related worries that we come across most often is whether corporate profit margins are excessively high and must contract.

October 2014

Fixed Income Focus: A very short rate hiking cycle

This year’s hot topic has been the future rate hiking cycle but, in the meantime, economic data has disappointed and yields have fallen.

Equity Insight: Reassessing Europe

Europe has reappeared on investors’ radar screens over the last month, but for all the wrong reasons.

September 2014

Equity Insight: QE divergence

There is growing excitement about the European Central Bank (ECB) potentially getting into the quantitative easing (QE) game.

Fixed Income Focus: October 2014

The quantitative easing baton is being passed from the US Federal Reserve to the European Central Bank, but there are many complications that get in the way of a smooth transfer.

The inflation conundrum

The rate of inflation matters because it is effectively the drag that is applied to investment returns.

Economic views

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