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Macro insight

May 2015

Asset Allocation: May 2015

April saw a return to volatility in most markets, caused by currency moves, a bounce in oil prices, mixed messages concerning the Greek crisis and a sharp retreat in fixed income returns.

March 2015

Macro Snapshot - Green euro shoots

Lower oil prices have provided a net positive effect on global growth, albeit favouring consumption-led economies.

Asset Allocation: March 2015

Hopes of a settlement to the Greek crisis and generally positive global economic data saw equity markets power ahead in February.

February 2015

Asset Allocation: February 2015

European political and economic developments, alongside retreating oil prices, preoccupied markets in January.

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Views and insights

May 2015

Fixed Income Focus: UK election - Dazzled by uncertainty

Election fever has gripped the British chattering classes, dominating news bulletins and blogs across the country. But looking at financial markets you’d have thought absolutely nothing was going on.

March 2015

Equity Insight: FX - the unreliable boyfriend

After the last few weeks, it can be forgiven that some investors think all you need in order to forecast equity markets is a good foreign exchange (FX) strategist.

Fixed Income Focus: The power of European money printing

The European Central Bank has finally joined the global money printing party and markets are reacting positively to the introduction of a massive price-insensitive buyer.

Index Intelligence: The advantages of combining smart beta funds

Interest in alternative index strategies, often called 'smart beta', continues to grow.

February 2015

Equity Insight: Bond spillover?

Although equities have recorded all-time highs across most global markets, the kind of re-rating seen in fixed income assets has so far largely eluded equities.

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