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Macro insight

February 2015

Asset Allocation: February 2015

European political and economic developments, alongside retreating oil prices, preoccupied markets in January.

January 2015

Asset Allocation: January 2015

Oil continued to dominate headlines in December.

December 2014

Macro Snapshot - Fuelling growth

The oil price slump and wider commodity price falls have acted as a positive boost to oil importing countries and a drag to exporters.

Asset Allocation: December 2014

Oil dominated the headlines in November.

November 2014

Asset Allocation: November 2014

October has traditionally been a more volatile month and this one was no exception.

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Views and insights

January 2015

Fixed Income Focus: Europe - The Final Countdown

There has already been quite a bit of market volatility in 2015...

Equity Insight: If not now, when?

European equities have been perennial underperformers compared with the US since the start of the financial crisis almost eight years ago.

December 2014

Fixed Income Compass: The return of volatility

Falling government yields often go hand-in-hand with weaker risky asset classes given associated weak growth and low inflation.

November 2014

Fixed Income Focus: An oily mess

The price of oil has collapsed, creating a number of winners and losers across fixed income markets.

Equity Insight: Margins - compression or expansion?

One of the equity-related worries that we come across most often is whether corporate profit margins are excessively high and must contract.

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